Eating Disorders:

“” The ginko exhibition project on the topic of eating disorders with the support of the Rotary Club and the inner wheel Club Mulheim an der Ruhr”Foundation for prevention with the Bavarian health and prevention Prize-winning exhibition project may sound of my body” on the topic of eating disorders “in the Publishing House of the city of Mulheim an der Ruhr. In the period between the 16th and the 27.09.2011 specialists of prevention here intensive with young people on the topic of eating disorders “work. To ensure sustainability of work with this topic, also a workshop for teachers is offered, which continue to take up the matter in the school. Eating disorders are especially among girls and young women is very well maintained and unfortunately to find almost all schools. Experts assume that nearly every fifth young woman suffers from the typical symptoms. People suffering from eating disorders have a 4-fold higher mortality risk than the measure healthy people who Risk and the importance of the topic highlights.

Because food is an essential need for people, patients and parents provided but also teacher / indoor and classmates with the occurrence of the disease regularly face huge challenges. Dealing with problematic eating habits such as anorexia, bulimia and eating Addictions Foundation finds himself as consulting theme of many girls (and increasingly boys) in the everyday life of the youth consultation of the ginko. Also parents and teachers find appropriate support in the framework of human possibilities. Total lack of focal points on the topic, and the help system is considered to be in need of development. “The exhibition project sound of my body” stands in Mulheim, under the auspices of the Lord Mayor Dagmar mill field. It aims to raise awareness among young people and their contact person at an early stage for the difficult subject and so help ensure that eating disorders don’t arise whenever possible or early assistance be sought.

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