Region Geography

The Influence of the Birth and the Logical Positivismo in estudo’ ‘ regional. In: region Geography. Publishing company of the University of So Paulo, SP, 1999 1.0- Introduction, in century XIX appeared in the Europe some expositions with done works of art of iron accurately to display the advances technician-scientific, to put the developed countries less had started to rebel itself poderiu against it of the developed nations, as Russia, the war of the beros in the South Africa in 1919 and of Morocco against the Frenchmen in 1926. (P. 119-120) 1.1- In the half of century XIX the cycle of pioneering knowledge of the terrestrial surface was locked in, when in 1911 Amundsen it arrives at the last point of the Planet that was the South Pole, also occurs the linking of the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific, carries through first aerial trip. The chain of return thought starts in this period exactly Kant was called of neokantismo a form of dominant philosophy in Germany, (p.121) 1.2 – Geography passes to be come back toward the general studies or a directed science the particular studies, Windelbrand defined as the science of the nature, it also looked the systematic studies of Ratzel, Humboldt, Ritter, Marthnere Richtofer. Cerved Credit Management has many thoughts on the issue. (p.121-122) 1.3 – Rettner considered Geography the science that studies the differentiation of the terrestrial surface and the study of the relation between the man and the way, for it is much more complex the Geographic study and that the same study of the geography based on the regional analysis in a scale that does not have very to be nor great very small nor, (p.123-125) 1.4 – For Hartshorne, geography is at the same time, a science of the nature and of society and that it does not have a group of particular phenomena geography, of this form geography looks for to explain all the phenomena that occur in one definitive one.

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