Supplementary Pensions

On the subject of ‘ the catastrophe of the auxiliary power supply of the public service? -A lecture event in Kassel will take place on April 15, 2010 problems, alternatives, solutions ‘. This is the first event of the Association employers for transparency in the auxiliary power supply (ATZ) in a series of lectures in the future ever planned. Invited interested companies and associations, which would question the additional supply of public services, are looking for more detailed information. More information is available online on. Objective of the event: the focus of the seminar is to explain the additional supply the participants. What it means for the company, if you have completed the pension through a supplementary pension fund? What are the consequences resulting from and are there alternatives? This seminar clearly shows the existing structures of the auxiliary power supply and offers approaches. Focuses on the phase-out of the auxiliary power supply is also. To do this Entrepreneurs who have already completed this step, introduce themselves through processes of change and pointing out problems and solutions. Further needs the founding members can the ATZ, consult specialists for procedures in supplementary pensions, you as a member with their profound practical knowledge on the basis of judgments and personal assessments.

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