Soviet Union

Fifth, the duality of the inner world that combines the adventurous and the Cossack (active) psychological type and the type of 'concealed existence '(passive). Sixth, the "universal equality" and the loyalty of Ukrainians, due to the specifics of family life and traditions of political and religious life of self-regulation. Let us recall the refrain – "in Army units have brought new recruits. Russian first thing asked where the dining room, a Ukrainian – where non-commissioned officers school. With a deep subtext joke. If by 'military unit' to understand the Soviet Union … the role of Ukrainians in it visible good. " Indeed, not only a large proportion of Ukrainians among the sergeants and officers of the Soviet army – a fact well-known, but a lot of economic and party leaders of different ranks, spread across all regions and countries of the former Soviet Union, indicate: a) a high identity of Ukrainians with all Soviet people, and b) thrift and the desire for isolation.

Thus, weigh all 'for' and 'against'. On the one hand, we have in common with Western civilization and the roots up to the XVII century, developed in a European context, as reflected in the mental harmonies of Ukrainian and European philosophical principles. On the other hand, over the past 350 years and in the mentality of the Ukrainians, and in the mentality of Europeans has undergone fundamental changes associated with different paths of historical development. We are no longer present with a single mental community, but many Ukrainians are still very high level of identification with the events of the recent Soviet past. There is a parable. Englishman asked, is it difficult to grow a lawn? – It's very simple – he replied.

– It is necessary to handle the ground, sow good grades, regularly watered and cut the grass. – Is that all? – Most of all. It will take three hundred years – and get a good lawn … Several generations of people born and lived in a relaxed state, the psychology of them and their children formed a consumer, nor undemanding to myself or to the people, nor the quality of life. However, the building blocks of independent state – its people. So, apparently several generations before there is really a highly cultured entrepreneurial class, a vibrant civil society and stable government. "

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