Lithuanian Academy

Certification of House Edwards GmbH ISO 9001 House Angel Academy as approved educational institution it is certified an absolute novelty in the field of so-called round the clock support, because no other company in the industry can this certification or even an in-house, after AZWV guidelines of the federal employment agency has approved continuing education providers. Through the qualification and certification of the House Angel Academy receive the House Angel franchisees a unique selling proposition and thus stand out from other service providers in the industry. The DIN ISO 9001 standard describes a pan-European standard that defines the requirements of a customer-oriented, collaborative and process-oriented quality management system as well as its documentation. The House Angel GmbH focuses on the principles of the DIN ISO 9001 standard and established such a systematic quality management system. These were codified existing practices as well as new established. Existing processes were identified, systematized and standardized. The result can be seen: the new Structures significantly increase the safety and quality for the customers and to supervising persons in Germany and guarantee a high and consistent quality in the service and supply them.

So the process transparency and legal certainty be increased for all parties involved. Federal Agency recognizes qualified education and training the House Angel franchisee for work with the so-called “recognition and approval regulation training” (AZWV) the Federal Agency has established a framework for work for quality assurance of continuing training. A quality assurance standard, now also the home Angels Academy, the training carrier of Angel House GmbH, demonstrably met. “The most effective use of the expertise of the House Angel Academy enables us developing a forward-looking course offer. The German maintenance and care market offers great potential for the future and needs constantly new personnel.

This market we want to operate like with us-trained care and caregivers”, makes Simon Wenz, Managing Director of House Edwards GmbH, clearly. Currently the courses at the Angel House franchisee is aimed. All franchisees are trained total 45 hours on the subjects of care and maintenance, in addition the Academy gives them commercial skills. The courses take place both in Polish and Hungarian, Lithuanian and German. Training in the area of maintenance is done by qualified geriatric nurses, teaching Academy as external lecturers to the Angel of the House. Academy has trained the House Angel already since its foundation more than 2,000 franchisees. The training is mandatory, which means nobody can be House Angel franchisee without having previously participated in the program. “House Angel’s managing director Simon Wenz: with our consistent training we aim above all a: it comes us to guarantee a uniform quality standard in care by our franchisees the families with care.” Thus the House Angel franchisee distinguish themselves clearly from all others on the market day care service providers off. The certification of the Angel of the House according to AZWV guidelines of the German Federal employment agency, Academy now shows that this is not only stated goal, but above all also practice.

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