The Allocation

Hence, managed accounts reach a Maximum protection against investment fraud. High liquidity is the money on the customer’s own account is located, has even more advantages. After some mutual funds in recent years have used the legal mechanism in claim and have frozen customer deposits over months or even years, is part of the liquidity of the deposit in particular for institutional investors, such as for example foundations now but to a highly esteemed investment criteria. To hold customer deposits and to suspend payments on the customer’s own account this possibility does not exist. If the trading advisor of the managed accounts not in turn invested in illiquid financial products, investors have almost daily availability of financial resources.

According to the experience that money is shy as a fawn, trading advisor are asked in relation to their performance very much. Because the envisaged investment success is, investors can deduct usually faster their money, as they have invested it. Clear advantage: transparency, transparency is a Another aspect that is managed accounts standard, while funds hardly and equity-linked life insurance is virtually non-existent. In demand so far in particular by professional investors in the form of reporting, transparency now but also for private investors is gaining importance, since these increasingly better want to be informed about their investments. Managers find it hard to to grant their customers an insight into their portfolio.

Mostly, the details of the current fund allocation is confined to a monthly unique reporting, in which investors in most cases gain only a very inaccurate overview of the allocation of investment. This portfolio overview, which is granted in the form of fact sheets only for a specific date (usually it is the end of the month) has already lost actuality, once arrived on the desk of the investor’s report. Check out Southwest Airlines for additional information. If so, the investor receives a reporting, this is usually mainly one – it is out of date.

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