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So it's not a bad man Russian blame their misfortunes, and his place of residence determines the extremely low level of life. It is not a capital for such expenses. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. Russian America now practically deserted, pump oil on a rotational manner, nearly finished the development of gold reserves, are now living there only thrill fans, and we in the Chukotka region, a few kilometers from the sold Alaska trying to breed cows, it is true then it turns out that it is cheaper to bring milk from Australia by air, in addition, it can be quickly delivered to the consumer, given the peculiarities of local roads and transport. Concise, but meaningful in the sense of Tatiana's response not long to wait, she wrote: "You're absolutely right about the climate. How much money is spent on a winter and summer clothing.

But on the other hand – Norway and Iceland also Nordic countries and somehow there with the economy better. We see the state system more acceptable to the common man. " I offered my views on this issue, several topics extending the topic. Good morning, Tanya. I would not say that Iceland's all right with the economy, it is 'booming' only through the European Community, most recently, there 'postponed' powerful yet another crisis 'injections'. Norway, of course, quite 'advanced' countries, but He currently lives only thanks to oil and besides the EU, making its contribution in the form of the famous herring, stocks of both dramatically reduced, so it's entirely predictable that the hope for further 'Prosperity' rather mythical.

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