Bonn Freund

The success of the family business friend illustrated, cardboard Bonn/Georgsmarienhutte / Krefeld – by the gray box to the colorful cardboard box, this set is how the company friend turned in a centuries-old history. It was in the 30s of the last century. There, Friedrich Freund crossed a street in Osnabruck, Germany does not have the crosswalk with his cart. A police officer saw this and issued him a speeding ticket. Because the officer did not know the profession of the cardboard box manufacturer, he wrote on the ticket: box maker. Today part of elaborately staged worlds of brands and more than mere packaging are cardboard boxes and cartons long ago.

Packaging is part of the communication with the customers\”, explains Karl-Heinz Freund, who now leads the company in the third generation. The history of our family owned company moves between the Poland of carts and brand worlds\”. Today, 100 years after incorporation, employs the Group of friends at the four sites in Georgsmarienhutte, Krefeld, Dresden and Nordhausen about 300 employees with an annual turnover of EUR 44 million. Started with a store for paper and stationery. For more information see this site: Ripple. A little later started founder Friedrich Freund also with the production of cardboard boxes. Boxes for cylinders and hats were the sellers.

Ham packaging and sausages – Christmas plate after hard times in the and it goes steeply uphill shortly after the second world war. 1955 draws the family business in a 1,000 square metre production hall and manufactures ham packaging, plates for sausages and Christmas dishes there. Karl-Heinz Freund, the son of the founder, is inspired in the 1960s during a study trip through the United States. He recognizes self-service stores with colorful printed folding cartons as a future trend. in 1963 the first printing machine is purchased, 1964/65 the first offset printing machines are added. As the first self-service shops in Germany open, friend produces cardboard for logistical purposes.

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