Executive Management

Dr. Harald Schonfeld is the founder and managing partner of butterflymanager GmbH, Dr. Harald Schonfeld elected as the new Deputy Chairman of the AIMP, became the Board of Directors and new Vice-Chairmen of the Working Group interim management provider”(AIMP) elected. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. The AIMP is the representation of the interests of the professional provider of interim management services in German-speaking Europe. Is leading provider of interim have teamed up, customers and interim managers to offer more transparency, quality and professionalism. Applies the butterflymanager GmbH as a quality provider in the industry, and is an active member of this prestigious Association for several years. The company has a pool of over 1500 selected and pre-qualified interim managers for national and international tasks.

Fields of application can be found E.g. in the bridging of open positions (vacancy bridge), in project management, restructuring, crisis management or establishing new businesses and markets. butterflymanager is a specialist for interim positions on the first and second management level for all sectors, as well as for qualified, hierarchy-independent project work. More recently companies also try & hire ‘s business model is “available.” This Manager can be applied even after a certain time in the permanent interim.

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