Aristotle Physics

The development of correlations vs. causality or spatio-temporal patterns among previously independent variables, whose developing only under the influence of local rules. Coined the term of self-organization in the 1950s by W. A. Clark and B. G. Farley: they recognized that to operators in a “closed relationship stand passive, control, somehow stabilize and observed without a theory of recursive functions or of intrinsic value to know the phenomenon that certain closed systems develop stable forms of behavior after a certain period of time”. In the ancient Greece, philosophers about chaos and turbulence as a cause of order speculated.

In the philosophy of Aristotle Physics might be self-organisation also called Entelechy. The Platonic-oriented natural philosophy, Isaac Newton’s (Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica, in 1687) takes in the first law of motion, that the matter is absolutely passive. It is therefore capable of no self movement of self-organization. Active causes of material changes here are the intangible “forces of nature” meta physics, Plato. Source, (C) by: author notes a distinctive feature of the open space technology is the missing restriction on space, time, and the sub topics. Is like in ancient times almost on a ‘ round Village square.’ In one of my previous articles, I reminded the construction forms of villages and huts in the mists: you were around! Round huts in circular villages.

And in the middle of the village the village square for the permanent communication. Nature knows no right angles… With increasing civilization, and the invention of the right angle, the people built square rooms in square houses. That resulted in the construction of a multi-storey houses in the course of history. Elsewhere I pointed out the different system of cities in the United States and Germany: German towns and villages built a Kichche cemetery in the Centre of the village and around a round ‘Ring road’. All other roads, and the city walls were also created around in round shape drum.

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