Gilberto Quezada

Thereon Gilberto Quezada reminds us, that some concepts of ZEN are necessary to understand the KAIZEN: a philosopher ask Buddha: have heard of ZEN as a doctrine of illumination. What is the method?… Or in other words what do each day? We walk, we eat, we wash, we sit, etc. do and what is special such acts?. All walk, eat, wash, sit down but friend mine, there is a big difference. When we walk, we have awareness of the fact that we walk, when we eat we have awareness that we eat and so on when others walk, eat, wash, sit, don’t realize what they do.

If you are working without being aware of the work being done, it comes to be as not working (must illuminate the existence). Consciousness is a discipline that helps man to be held (producing the power of concentration and develop your vision), because the ultimate aim of ZEN is the vision of reality, acquired by the power of concentration. View in its own nature is the end of ZEN and its essence is the awakening. Why not discusses Zen, you are experiencing. In Zen says, the master (consultant) does not transmit your Awakening the disciple; how the awakening that was already latent in him nor creates. It is necessary to practice ZEN six principles for community life (job on computer?) to: 1. living together under the same conditions (equal rights) 2. Observe the same rules (equality of obligations) 3.

Mastering the word to avoid disputes (respect) 4. Share property (similar rewards) 5. Share different points of view (involvement) 6. Create the harmony of views to keep the joy of living in the community not forget Albert Low reminds us of the importance of that support is needed according to the demands of the present, is in a discipline that will help deal with the situation and adds that zen Buddhism should concern him to the management of enterprises and help understand the structures that must work, taking into account that the Zazen provides the discipline necessary to act in accordance with such structure. Do not forget, if you really want to desempoenarse well to the challenges and changes of the present. Original author and source of the article.

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