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: Open data Hoccer and semantic technologies for knowledge workers, the themes of the winners 2010 Berlin, the 06.12.2010 for the second time gave the organizers of the Xinnovations in the traditional Winterfest the X-award 2010 “the X-Award”, so Rainer Thiem in the name of the organiser of the homonymous Association, “is an award for people who trigger a sustained discussion about their ideas and topics with their outstanding concepts and developments in the context of the Xinnovations impulses for technological and social innovation push and in the net”. The prize-winners 2010: Prof. Dr. Jorn by Lucke, Director Telekom Institute for connected cities, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, for his keynote speech “Open Data” Rodja Bustard, Development Director Hoccer GmbH, for its patented Hoccer app Prof. Dr. Stefan Gradmann, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin / Institute for library and information science; Alexander Gerber, Managing Director innokomm, Research Centre for science and innovation communication; Markus Luczak-Rosch, researcher, free University of Berlin; Manfred behave, journalist, Publisher of BerliNews; Prof. Dr. Felix Sasaki, staff at the DFKI “language” technology and Professor in the Department of information science at the University of applied sciences Potsdam and Prof.

Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer, Executive Director at the Institute of electronic business at the UDK Berlin for their initiative on the creation of a competence network of semantic technologies for knowledge workers. Open data an important part of open Government are freely available data (“open data”). “Therefore everyone should”, Prof.

Dr. Jorn by Lucke in his statement of the pulse, “an access to those data are released the management, which are subject to no privacy or security restrictions. A networking of this data (“linked open data”) via the Internet, to understand connections in a short time and about to share data across domains and organizational boundaries, for reports and publications, an opportunity users. Where This is allowed and with the data protection requirements in accordance, can through a networking new knowledge generated and visualized.

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