Yucatecan Port

The owners of yachts known as recreational and sport fishing boats are beginning to prepare for the upcoming spring break. In this first jumper of the year 2012 there was movement in the marinas of the port of Yucalpeten, the most important of the tourist and fishing sector. The chap. Luis Roberto Villa Valenzuela, owner of the captaincy of port height and cabotage Yucalpeten, unveiled this port there in an average of 1,000 to 1,500 pleasure craft, as it is port of cabotage, many coming from Cancun, stay a few days and then return. The owners of yachts have begun to prepare for spring break; You can see boats with trailers that receive the proper maintenance for the holiday period approaching. In port height and Yucalpeten cabotage vessels not reach multi-million dollar prices and there is no large luxury vessels as in other parts of the world, but in the Yucatecan marinas there are boats that reach several million dollars, luxury yachts for the sport fishing of different brands, sizes and colors. At different points in the port of Yucalpeten are located some 18 marinas that employ about 3 thousand employees during the year. Its owners say that recreational craft could cost several million dollars, although this figure is the responsibility of the owners.

In the only marine we offer services to lovers of this sport, guard their boats and many people occupy in yachts, they explained. Yucalpeten is the site where these boats are concentrated, but there are also other points on the coast, such as Isla Perez and scorpions, place preferred by scuba diving and sport fishing enthusiasts. During days of bridge and vacation, recreational craft are concentrated in these sites, because users want to spend it with your family and water sports. Yachts cross the coasts of the area, from Chuburna port until Uaymitun and Telchac. There are dozens of boats and yachts for sale on weekends, when the weather permits. In the port of Yucalpeten daily there are dozens of boats that they set sail from marinas and residences.Today the fleet of pleasure boats exceeds widely to the fisheries of the larger fleet, not only in number but in cost, because there are more than a thousand yachts in Yucalpeten. There is the fishing fleet of vessels of medium height some 500 vessels and 300 smaller boats and boats working in the docks of la caleta. 50 Ft recreational craft could reach 3 to 4 million dollars with its corresponding equipment, but the highest price of a fishing vessel is one million 200 thousand pesos. With powerful outboard motors, yachts for rent ply the seas heading to Scorpions, with an average of 2.5 hours of difference with respect to a fishing vessel, which with good wind between 8 and 9 hours ago. The demand for these vessels is good at coasts Yucatecan, since many fishery entrepreneurs enjoy sport fishing and diving activity that generates jobs for former fishermen of medium height, workers in glass fibre, mechanical, carpenters, electricians and patterns of certified luxury yachts by the Regional captaincy of ports that perform large crossings in luxury boats.

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