“Ecologically correct educational hike to environmental projects in the Saarland and trier the initiative 10,000,000 steps DBU everywhere in Germany” visited during a training hike from 10 to 17 April 2011 eco flagship projects in the Saarland which were funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). The urmenschlichste and healthiest way of transportation, hiking combines sustainability with a large learning factor. Slow travel is used to slow down of the eternally stressful and hectic modern people. Much remains time to absorb information and impressions and deep to anchor itself in this way to travel the educational hiking. The patron of the Environment Minister of the Saarland, Dr. Simone Peter welcomed the initiator of the action of Dr. on the 10.04 Heidi Lehmal and the members of the group to the starting points of the six-day hike through the Saarland in the Saarbrucker Zoo. “The hike in the Saarland under the slogan Ecology and conservation education and craft” runs, visited after the opening by Environment Minister Dr.

Simone Peter the seal pool newly planned and under construction. This innovative, environmentally friendly water treatment plant will be built with financial means of DBU. Energy consultants Gunter Schmidt, trained craftsmen of DBU rehabilitate campaign House benefit”, demonstrated on a House, as the free energy check that works the heart piece of the DBU initiative, and energy can be saved by remedial measures. The group stayed in the ecological Landschulheim in Gersheim, where the next day was presented the work of the Saar-Lor-Lux of Environmental Centre Saarbrucken. The initiative Carpenter uniques”, which the regional value chains in the craft is supported, with their furniture from local wood in the Landschulheim through the inventory that has made the initiative represented. On April 12 it went with jungle Ranger Matthias Beidek through the jungle on the outskirts of the city”from Saarbrucken to Quierschied. The following day was in the environmental and Recreation Centre through the garden Finkenrech in Dirmingen “feasted” and on the new theme trail forestry in transition “run.

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