Would You Like To 100prozent Gains?

Subscribe now and get a seminar ticket for 49 euros as a gift! Toronto, Canada, the 01.06.2010 Harald Seemann is editor in Chief of the stock exchange letter profit trader, lives in Toronto and knows the Canadian financial scene. In addition to the stock market letter is Harald Seemann of successful asset managers. He recreates all trades the profit traders pattern Depot with its own capital and is specialized on value investments after extensive fundamental analysis. Mr seaman comes to Munich and there on June 24th, 2010 a seminar on the theme: “Through proper fundamental analysis winner on the stock exchange are – with the profit traders in the footsteps of Warren Buffett.” Here the seminar information: * date: Thursday, June 24, 2010 * time: 18-21 Uhr * location: Augustinerkeller, Arnulf 52, 80335 Munich * theme: “Through proper fundamental analysis winners on the stock exchange will be – with the profit traders in the footsteps of Warren Buffett!” * cost: 49 euros per person, with profit traders 6-monthly subscription 50% discount and completely free subscription until June 23, 2010! * Registration: Please email with Name and address to: * payment: Bank transfer after invoice * fundamentally solid winner shares earn a fortune! Click here to register: community/login / one-time action until June 23, 2010: at 6-monthly for 149 euros-50% discount on 49 Euro seminar ticket, with annual subscription from 269 euro there seminar ticket valued at 49 euros completely free! * Mr seaman not afraid also to take short-term speculation, if there is the right course-moving catalyst. With the profit traders he hung up on a fair and transparent stock market letter, from which everyone can benefit. Due to its unique position in Canada and regular visits in Europe is on both sides of the Atlantic always directly in the market. 11 reasons why you must subscribe to the profit traders stock market letter to to be among the winners on the stock exchange: 1 analysts sitting in Canada and Europe 2 brings business research information advantage 3. .

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