World War

It is hidden in an occult castle where deferred payment the Fishing King. The king has an incurable wound, and its kingdom is a desert. It will be cured and its kingdom only recouped if a knight to obtain to find the castle and, when seeing the Graal and the wounded king, to formulate a question, that is in general ' ' For Who he serves the Graal? ' ' or ' ' He afflicts what you? ' ' If not to obtain to formulate the question, the castle will disappear and the knight will have to leave one more time in this adventure. If it to find the castle of the Graal and to make the correct question again, the king will recoup its health and the desert will changed into a field frtil.' ' It bases itself on the jungiana theory of the arqutipos, forms to live deeply a collective myth in the corporeidade. She is also pautada in the universe of myths, of the verbal transmission of the knowledge, practical that she retraces to the origins of the humanity.

The described narrative in the book is for itself a species of contao of histories that retraces to the old memories and the explanations of legends and myths, analyzing some concepts of thematic religious as of mystery, religious truth that if has knowledge through the revelation. Relembra the religious persecution in the average age for the courts of the inquisition, where thousands of women had been deceased. They is esteem that a bigger number of women was deceased at this time of what in World War II in the concentration camps. For the junguiana perspective what it happens it is that the feminine collective memory, recorded in this period the horror of the persecution, the fear and the murder, all facts castradores of the naturalness, the espontaneidade, the freedom, the feminine natural force that in way some is libertine.

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