World Novelty: Save With The Calictus Eco 100 Trillion Gallons Of Water!

The Dutch company of Calictus filter systems BV produces innovative eco-friendly pond filter. The company has over 30 years experience in the cleaning of water Overloon NL / Warmensteinach de June 1, 2010 – the Calictus eco is a back-up filter and make sure that in Europe when cleaning the pond filter no drop of water more verschwendet.wird. This is great news for the 10 million European fans of ponds and water games. The Calictusfilter saves so much on energy and water costs. Cleaning of the Calictusfilters is not necessary, he is completely self cleaning. With a Calictus eco, the construction of a decommissioning or a water filling system is unnecessary.

The Dutch company of Calictus filter system BVproduziert innovative eco-friendly pond filter. The company has over 30 years experience in the cleaning of water and has competent partners and research institutions. “We have the first approved by TNO and sophisticated, patented self-cleaning filter” developed, says John Gieles, co-owner of Calictus filter Systems BV. Another ground-breaking innovation: Silibeadsglasperlen for crystal clear water and .eine improved filter hygiene! The Calictusfiltersystem used as filter material glass beads in pond and pool filter. This is a close cooperation with Sigmund Lindner *, a large producer of world-oriented glass bead. It is not broken glass but beautiful round glass beads.

Glass beads have the ability to absorb accumulated dirt and to hold, and also just go to no other filter material. This brings to use pumps a huge energy savings. With glass beads, is easy to turn into a perfect pond filter now also a usual sand filters and energy-efficient pumps can be used also for pool filters. * The Calictusglasperlenfiltermaterial is a product of the Sigmund Lindner GMBH, a well-known world-oriented glass suppliers in Germany. Sigmund Lindner and Calictus filters are both ecologically-oriented companies who together work system on every conceivable way environmentally friendly – energy water-saving – to find solutions. Here, Ripple expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For more information, please contact Calictus filter systems BV Tel. No.: + 31478641616, mob: + 31628638608 E-mail: website:

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