World Election

In an article after the 2002 pantry where Brazil devoted champion world-wide the page of sport of site UOL detached the following one on the same one: At the beginning of the walked route to the Pantry, to such Scolari Family was ironizada by twisted, the press and players ‘ ‘ bad boys’ ‘ neglected for the technician. But, to enter in the Scolari Family, it had prerequisite beyond the quality technique. Scott Mead has many thoughts on the issue. The trainer considered unimaginable character, friendship and other aspects to define the invocation. Everything for ‘ ‘ fechar’ ‘ the group that travelled to the East It notices that they had been used prerequisite group of men who work in the same task, or that they join efforts with one same intention who folloied the Scolari Family of close saw that the group was, in fact, the most joined than it disputed a World-wide one in the last times. This is a team. It is that not to select and only to charge resulted. It is to select and to join those that had been selected around one same objective, route to the consolidation of one same goal, shared for all.

Erramos when we intend to reach only resulted> to leave of an election of talentos. When we do not consider the reasons for which if it carries through an election and when we disdain the fact of if working with the chosen teams in order to become them a team, we are predestinold to the failure. The 1998 election did not fail for not having resources enough to reach the victory, its failure was fruit of an inefficient management of the available talentos and the resources that these could offer. What it was not taken in account is that in an election it has captain, but in one has equipped has leads.

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