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For the methodology the interpretativo method was used, through the theoretical bibliographical revision, research in scientific articles, beyond research in the Internet. Having for conclusions the origins that the authors had taken and how much they had been influenced by the initial set. that this subject sufficiently debated, more needs to be deepened virtue of the search for a concept concrete of Capital stock, thus trying, to exterminar the arduous conflict of the divergent vises as for the same. Word-key: capital stock; metodolgica construction; quarrel. 1 INTRODUCTION The concept of capital stock is old and controversial. For some authors one meets in initial period of training of definition and is on the concepts as civil society and social connection.

The term in its essence if relates, in what it says respect the cooperation and confidence as is seen by the majority of the thinkers. The capital stock first was seen as an interaction of values, that congregated inside form an advance of the community, has seen that this advance if of the one of joint form, in order to raise social standards. Some studies of economists of the World Bank relate four forms of capital: the natural capital, consisting of the natural resources. The physical capital, constructed for the society, referring the machines, equipment and the financial system. One third form of capital would be, in its perspectives, the resulted human capital direct of the level of education, health and access to the information of the population. The fourth form of capital would be of the capital stock that, in its agreements, reflects a form new of analyses and proposals of development (I CASTRATE, 2004). When we enter in the domain of the 0 variable of the concept of capital stock, come across with the question the individual level, the level of the great ones, or small aggregates.

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