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This obliqued look to make public politics in the country is reflected of the patriarcal model, characterized for presenting a vision of the world based on the masculine experience. If the fazedores of laws had a constantly vigilant look, two moments would happen: when recognizing the paper of father and mother in the creation and growth of its children, the paternity license would be configured of another form so that both parents could to participate in set in the daily activities demanded by the just-born son. For our societies, the fact of the pregnancy, the childbirth and the maternal aleitamento if to center in the feminine body, estimate that the demands of the just-been born ones (to receive affection, to give bath, to dress, to silence it I cry etc.) will have almost that exclusively to be taken care of by the women, and in these conditions it is assumed that one day of paternal license is enough since its responsibilities with the just-been born one will have, for the usual norms, to be limited. This obliqued form of vision of the world still was more far affirming that the paternal license (only the paternal one) would be extended until the final o of its labor life, granting the State, one day per year father to dedicate to it its son to it. the mother? It would not have license for the mother? How much to this it is assumed that already it has all the remaining days of the year for the children. In conclusion we can say that the creation of sensible public politics to gnero is an international demand and a necessity intern if not to want to continue to exclude the women of the development processes. The access the professionalizing education and activities, the existence of not discriminatory, free societies of violence and incapacitantes illnesses, the existence of a work environment are, free of sexual siege and where the progression in the profitable career and politics does not acquit, is conditions sine qua non to stimulate the new generations of men and women to the work market, participating of this form in its proper development, the one of its communities and in the development of its country.

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