Note: Remember that a single word can bring you all the traffic and may be the key to success and failure. Let's make this very detailed search of words always thinking as a user, not as an owner (this is the error committed in more than Adwords). People who study focus on the words that will bring clicks, but do not focus on those that are more viable for conversion, that is why I recommend using an Excel to organize all the words consider comply with the characteristics of step 1. 3. Wasted 100 dollars / Euros: What I mean by that?. You should get the idea you're going to take a 100 bill and you're going to waste, are you going to burn with a lighter, are you going to throw in the trash, and not yours .. These are the $ 100 you will use to test those words or keywords you've researched (I recommend no more than 70 words).

This is the only way to get to the other side, spending the next level of marketing with clicks and really know what keywords work and which not. Overture and WordTracker will give you an idea of the words, but they do not give you the answer you're looking .. (Conversion to customers) that is why you should throw that $ 100 and know which words are going to work. 4. Arrange the words like this: You must take these words and following them all; Example: marital fidelity "marital fidelity" (quotes) marital fidelity (Cochet) marital fidelity (shift within Cochet) For each word you make these differences, I've noticed that often there are users who write in all capital letters, or write the exact word or write a phrase like "How to maintain fidelity in marriage" and this sentence will show your ad.

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