Wooden Office Container

Cabins – it's transportable structure designed for different needs: human habitation, storage, temporary offices, etc. At the heart of cabins is a framework, it can be metal or wood. The main advantage cabins – is its mobility, ie it can be transported from one place to another without significant cost. Now, thanks to its versatility, cabins have a huge spread. They are used in As year-round housing, summer houses, guard posts, etc.

Despite its apparent simplicity and small size (we produce caravans of up to 6×3 m) and relatively low cost, office container – enough critical objects, and errors or defects in the manufacture of caravans may negate the benefits of huts. As known, the cabins lay frame and walling themselves huts have a multilayer structure, also called the "sandwich". Constructive rigidity cabins provides a framework. Verizon Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. High insulating properties s quarters to give a modern efficient thermal insulation. Contrary to popular belief, buildings and structures built on frame technology, very long-lived: at home in Europe (Half-timbered houses) and the U.S.

are already several centuries. But when used incorrectly frame technology runs the risk of contracting a shed, a small makeshift life, rather than a full shed. So, what is necessary to pay attention when selecting and purchasing a wooden cabins? Frame. It is desirable that a framework is particularly low binding were processed special antiseptic composition that protects against mold, bugs. Insulation. In the manufacture of caravans used mainly thermal insulation based on mineral wool. Minimum thickness produced Insulation: 50 mm. Therefore, when a manufacturer offers a shed with insulation of mineral wool in 25 or 30 mm, this means that the factory is torn insulation thickness, and the insulation is in fact no longer perform their function to conserve heat in the s quarters. But 50 mm mineral wool thermal conductivity equivalent to 1 meter brick wall. Film. Insulation needs to be protected from moisture and wet. For this purpose a special non-woven membranes: vapor barrier and the diffusion membrane (wind Moisture protection). Vapor barrier does not let the wet steam in the heater inside the building, wind-Moisture protection delays drop a drop of water outside, but also significantly reduces ventilation by the walls, but it takes hit the wall the moisture out. Thus is ensured a normal microclimate design. Many manufacturers of huts, in order to save on material from both sides (inside and outside) use asphalt – bitumen impregnated paper. But paper can not simultaneously keep out moisture and steam, and at the same time to "breathe", in addition, this paper can easily burn and office container can be burned to ashes in minutes. Roofing. Often when constructing a roof cabins uses black iron. It must be remembered that such a roof covering must be painted at least twice a year, and most coverage is extremely short-lived. Finish. If outside office container finished with clapboard, it is necessary to immediately protect it from adverse weather conditions to maintain aesthetic appearance cabins. Well, when the wood is already painted office container manufacturer. When all these conditions wooden garden office container will serve you not only during the construction period country house, but will please many years, because after the house construction shed can be converted by guest house, pantry or bath. It is only important to choose a wooden shed, made in compliance with all requirements and technologies.

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