Wise Man System

Moreover, when trying to inside explain everything of the narrow vision of the psychic one, it loses the true dimension of the man, who is also to be biological, historical, social and cosmic. Currently, a matureness phase, and little by little psychology goes finding its true way. So that it can in a more concrete way, to give its services to the humanity. Psychology cannot be considered as a true science. Therefore engatinha and meets in crossroads. Or we choose a closed system to guide our research or opt to an open system. In a closed system of thought, the important one on the people not it is its essence, but ' ' its funcionamento' ' , as it acts and as she better obtains to play, greater efficiency.

Already in an open system the person and its auto-accomplishment are the concern center. This is a holistic vision of the man. In recent years, this new boarding of the nature human being (humanist), also strong influenced for eastern theories, if has become each more important time. Beyond our innate biological disposal for the growth and the development, each individual possesss a trend for the psychological development, everything this in order to get more joy and satisfaction of the life. The movement of the human potential and them you discipline growth orientals come proliferating and if developing: groups of meeting, works with the body, meditation, techniques experienciais spirituals and other systems. The adepts of the movement comungam, in general, a belief basic humanist in the capacity of the individual for a guided and positive growth. With an unfolding of this chain humanistic, one fourth force if has developed in the field of psychology: it is transpessoal psychology the proposal is to allow that the Old Man who agonizes and suffers can renascer the New Man, the Wise Man, the man who obtains to live deeply the cosmic unit, at the same time that this unit is contained in it, perceiving that always it has an interdependence of all the factors, all the things and beings of the universe, breaching with the conceptualization of the dualidade ' ' I and outro' ' , ' ' I and objeto' '.

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