Winter Skin Care Survival Guide

Survival Guide Skin care. Cold winter air is far less humid than warm air, which means that the skin will be drier in the winter months. Strong winds worst conditions causing moisture to evaporate more quickly from the skin. According to dermatologists, indoor conditions in winter can be as bad for the skin. Heating indoors is unfair to the skin. It pulls moisture from the air, which is dehydration. The older one gets, the drier the skin gets.

The glands in the skin get smaller and begin to disappear. This decreases its ability to hydrate. The result is dry skin. Use nutrient rich moisturizer is the most important resource for the winter, as the skin. To reduce the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles, while evening with natural skin tones to have a softer, smoother, younger, more radiant complexion, apply your moisturizing creams three times day.

You must also include the following beneficial skin pampering techniques: Humidify. When the heat is on, replace lost indoor moisture by running a humidifier in the house. Steam instead of using the sauna. At the gym or spa, rather than the dry and dry-sauna, steam bath used. Before steaming, apply a thin layer of oil, vitamin E. Your skin will come out radiant and amazingly soft. Pamper fingers and toes. Do not forget these matters which have a particularly harsh beating in bitter climates. To bring back the softness, soak the feet and hands in warm water mixed with lemon juice and oil of vitamin E. Then rub on Aloe Ultra Moisturizer. Eat real fats. Foods such as fish and flaxseed that are loaded with nutritious omega-3 fatty acids can revitalize skin. Be polite. Some say scrubs (Scrubs) are too harsh for use on broken skin, but if you must use one, the smoother the better. Wear cotton. For clothing that goes next to the skin, avoid fabrics like wool, but the abuse of the skin friction and can dry. Drink water frequently. The moisture from the inside, by drinking water is one of the most important things you can do to the skin, say dermatologists, in cold weather as hot. Protect. Do not forget that the sun puts harmful rays, even during the winter months, so use sunscreen daily.

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