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Also, the manager noted that the huge popular local beverage producers. They combine a good price quality. This formula is definitely attracts buyers. However, buyers are willing to price was lower and the quality is much higher. Still, the choice of a particular type of alcoholic drink depends on the age and even sex. Young people gravitate to the production of two leading international brands of sweet soda water. Preferences of young people is hardly surprising.

One can not rise to the bait of these companies? Then you and the original advertisement with the stars, and packing colorful design and all kinds of stocks, gifts. For female offenders have special offers – drinks labeled 'light', which contain no calories. True, these "laytovye" drinks can hardly be considered diet food, by large added only tag, but the meaning remains the same. So it had to disappoint dear ladies, with the help of these drinks you figure does not save it. However, the zeal and invention of these companies can only envy. Very much that the whole policy of the famous corporations simply "shouting" that their products are designed for successful, stylish, active young people aged 16 to 30 years. Well, who does not want to classify themselves as such? At the same issue, why they buy these drinks, young people, without hesitation, spoke about the perfect and memorable, in their opinion, taste "holodnenkoy soda. Older buyers also prefer different brands of mineral water and lemonade.

They note that it is very important taste of mineral water, its price and packaging. The latter criterion is one of the most basic. In the summer the most popular packaging is a plastic bottle. It is very easy to use. Men and women are also complimentary about the lemonade, which seem to "carry them into childhood." Tastes like they said, had changed, but still better than imported products. But kvass most praised man of great taste and benefits health. Well there is no accounting for tastes, however, as that chilled drink in the heat of a true market leader.

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