Who Will Survive In The Real Estate Market After The Crisis ?

The real estate market in the pre-crisis period until mid-2007 real estate market, both residential and commercial, was in a stage of active growth. Nothing foretold the storm: economic growth in the country in the world, banks are actively credit, builders erect more and more areas, rapidly developing business. In the limited time at the business and the working population has dramatically increased the demand for market intermediaries Real Estate. Real estate companies grew by leaps and bounds, which clearly contributed to the lack of licensing. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ch?rl?? Lee by clicking through. Real estate agency could be called even a 3.4 friend, hiring a small office and an intermediary services on the market. Some agencies specialize only in residential real estate (such was the majority), while others were engaged in residential and commercial real estate.

Less commonly, there were agencies that specialize exclusively on commercial real estate market. And relies on the laws of the market, service brokers were paid, and sometimes their size reached 3-5% of the amount of the bargain. But the lucky buyers in anticipation of joy housewarming party, were willing to pay and such amounts, the benefit is allowed to do the abundance and availability of “mortgage” money in the market. For commercial property the size of commissions of realtors has been more modest – up 2-3% the amount of the bargain, but considering the cost of commercial real estate agency revenues were extremely optimistic, and allowed owners to keep the agency extensive staff support personnel: marketers, advertisers, office managers and couriers.

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