What Is Affiliate Marketing?

3rd Delivery. Continue knowing the online advertising system called Google Adwords we can use to promote the affiliate program that we have together. Sponsored Links or 5-fixed monthly fee: Also known as online sponsorship, it works very differently than previous models because here no direct influence variables as the number of impressions, clicks or sales for pricing. in this mode you pay a fixed monthly price for your ad to appear for a certain time in one or more pages of a website you have selected. The price depends on variables including: profile of the site stats, daily unique visits, number of pages viewed, site theme, level of specialization and other variables, the link or sharp advertising program that we have united appear in the search results to the left of the page may appear highlighted or also the center of the results page prominently. 6-CTR or proportion of Clicks and Clicks Rate is a measurement used to measure advertising success of an online campaign and is to measure the number of clicks made in a banner ad or relatives of the number of impressions cord.The result is expressed in percentages and the higher this greater the success of the campaign . this is the formula used to calculate. CTR = Number Clicks / Number of Impressions x 100 The data that yields this measure we compare the profits at the end of the campaign for sizing your effectiveness as a high number of clicks does not mean that all users have performed the action sought by us at the site used to promote the affiliate program that we have come in part 4 next delivery if you want to know fully what is marketing or affiliate programs follow this link:.

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