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Management of investment markets must account for the reality of the current trade scenarios. It cannot ignore that represents the consumer, their needs, behaviour, their decisions when purchasing the product or service, their dissatisfactions, everything that in some way has decisive impact on purchases in their consumption. Here, the importance of taking into account all the aspects that produce dissatisfaction, that do not like them, as the company tries them, his management of services, and why not, the products offered. So we have taken into account the publication which Wharthom Universia us aportadazo to the important part of the topic, we have respected your comments and content, pointing out the importance of not neglecting it. Considerations. Learn more at this site: Oracle. Very interesting overview in this regard, the contributions on the dissatisfaction that bequeathed us wharton.universia.net, when review us, sometimes we felt dissatisfied and we’ve had different reactions to this situation.

The consequences of This dissatisfaction are very negative, since it is very likely that dissatisfied consumers leave the relationship with the service provider, experience distrust of him or talk negatively, with the prejudice that this entails for the company. Why, the performance of the service provider at the time that occurs the fault and the response to such a situation is of utmost importance because it will determine the behaviour of the consumer in the future. It is more, many times, customer decides to leave the provider not the failure itself but an inadequate response by the undertaking to the same. But not all dissatisfied customers communicate their emotions or feelings to the company. Some opt for silence making it impossible that this start up strategies for the return of the service, by offering discounts, apologies, etc. with the aim of recovering, in some way, the consumer confidence. There are several factors that make the consumer manifest or not this complaint and, among them, negative emotions experienced in the find the service and are subject to study in a recent research work of the Department of research of markets of the University of Valencia, in Spain, entitled the impact of consumer dissatisfaction: A study of hotel services and catering.

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