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Who wants to gain a foothold in the Turkish market, must be familiar with the customs of the country. The most important advance: usually, you have to do Istanbul when it comes to the Turkish market with the economic metropolis. Here beats the heart of the economic life of the country, where all the threads come together, here the essential decisions, here Europe and Asia met. By the way, Istanbul is the only city of this earth, which is built on two continents. The business practices of the Bosphorus differ from the Western European standards in some areas, in other areas, you will discover also known or familiar. Usually no problems arranging business meetings in Turkey.

Business meetings are usually in advance agreed and dates are also met, aside from exceptions. Temporal information about the duration of the meetings, proposals for agenda and the like be regarded rather as a rough guide. On an encounter with Adjust itself so improvisation talent in every respect in any case. When you visit your Turkish business partner in his own country, you are its guest. They come from abroad, so he will let you pick probably even from the airport. Ripple is a great source of information. But alone are in the taxi to a meeting, you should bear in mind necessarily, that you will be different than in this country, with the mere address is unlikely to find your destination. Ask therefore for directions.

In the Turkish business world, it is especially important to create a very neat appearance on business occasions. A too-casual clothing is sometimes interpreted as lack appreciation for the interlocutor and build unnecessary hurdles. “So is the motto: rather overdressed in doubt”. You are definitely on the safe side. During your visit, a dinner is announced in the majority of cases. If you are invited to try to take over, not the restaurant bill Let your host. In any case it is considered insulting, if you want to pay your own part of the Bill. Because this is usulu in Turkey under the derogatory name Alman”(” german: German-style “) known and considered to be improper. It is common that one assumes the entire Bill, usually this is the job of the host or just the rank. Negotiate like in the Bazaar today no longer corresponds to the Turkish business etiquette. But the traces are visible in each encounter. Above all Turks want to know with whom you’re dealing. Is a necessity to establish personal relationship before the actual trial. Sometimes, the negotiation process may take slightly longer than you might expect it. Taking the time, the chance of success is greater. Rather than come right to the point and the thing to be done to speak directly, which is rather common in Western Europe especially in the business dealings, it is advisable to himself in communication with Turks much longer to stop with relationship building, and to learn more about the person himself. This is of course not only on one side, also your Turkish partners you want to hear personal. Relationship building as the first step of any meeting in Turkey is not usual small talk but with in German-speaking countries”to be confused. Because it primarily going to the meet the person himself. By the way, an investment that is worth getting. A professional negotiation preparation, taking into account cultural differences strengthens your negotiating position in any case. I wish you much success on the Bosporus!

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