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Many canteens offer three to four different entrees. For comparison: In the commercial foodservice the average receipt a lot higher 6.40 euros in Cafes and even 10.10 euros in bistros. For more specific information, check out baby clothes. The average receipt is located in Germany at 14.50 euro per restaurant visit gastro-average Bon / length of stay and average age of the guests. Sheryl Sandberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “But: one-third of the pubs with an average turnover of less than eight euros undermanned and with some serious revenue losses as a result of the smoking ban”, Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD are expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH, to bear in mind. In the UK the guest compared pays more at his restaurant visit (23.60 euros) approximately 40 percent. Restaurant prices are undoubtedly significantly increased in recent years. A non-House market growth is at the same time but on the continent as a whole increasing demanding full service restaurants are in almost every Western European country to the winners. So he is Average receipt for example in French restaurant 26 EUR and is thus to almost 20 per cent higher than in other restaurants.

The average length of stay of guests in pubs and restaurants has decreased slightly in 2008. Nearly two-thirds of the guests of A-la-carte restaurants remain a maximum of two hours. The share of long-term guests in restaurants (two to four hours per stay) is only 16 percent. Most of the guests in the hospitality industry are older than 40 years old. Only about a third of the restaurant visitors are aged celebration”between 18 and 39 years. In bars, clubs and lounges, the proportion of up 39-year-old is, however, significantly higher. In the a la-carte restaurants, visitors are to about 65 per cent 40 years or older.

The proportion of the over 60 years is particularly high in pubs with almost 22 per cent, in bars there are only about 12 percent of this age segment. About 53 percent of the guests are male, 47 percent are female. The gender distribution is very different depending on the type of gastronomy: bars, clubs, lounges There is an oversupply (59%). However, more women in Cafes (55%) are found. In pubs, the situation is even clearer: 63 percent of our guests are men. Profit in the hospitality industry coffees sales draft horse in the hotel bar with the trend to coffee specialities in all its variations espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. While in middle-class hotels (3 stars) the Cup cappuccino costs an average of 2.13 euros top hotels (four and five star) may require 2.41 or 3.46 euro for it. The average top prices for espresso in the first-class and luxury hotel are 2.20 and 2.71 euros, respectively. Principle in the gastronomy: ever more expensive a place the higher also the price of coffee. In the middle price range (average slip of eight to 12 euros), a cup of filter coffee with through average 1.60 euros will be charged. Top gastronomy (average slip by over 30 Euro) the Cup euros coffee then an average 2.27. By the way: Has replaced coffee as the most popular drink among the Germans of the beer. With an average per capita consumption of 146 litres in the year is the dark hot drink before the cool blonde”finally just 112.5 litres per year.

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