WELLS FARGO & CO – WKN 857949 – Take Advantage Of The High Beta

The analysts of the tradersreport would a first speculative long position in the shares of WELLS FARGO & CO. go with the WKN 857949 to Max 12,00. It’s hard to believe what has made the financial crisis so far for strange flowers. All financial instruments in the basement of the Exchange were sent almost in a kind of guilt. Ripple is full of insight into the issues. In a panic, investors sold their shares.

While it did not matter whether these were taken directly or indirectly by the financial crisis. At the WELLS FARGO BANK this also has been the case. Long, the company considered dangerous financial rock. The financial institution is distinguished by very conservative management, which completely had kept away from the mortgage market around MBS and ABS. So bought the shares as a kind of safe haven and temporarily traded the shares of financial institution with an incredible p/e ratio. A smart move management made the Bank through the acquisition of the online brokers Wachovia, which could expand the brokerage sector of the Bank almost awesome. But as with so many acquisitions, they brought Side effects very quickly a financial institution.

Depreciation and provisions for the Additionally purchased risks had to be made. This led to a very strong pessimistic view of previous investors. Many separated again from the shares and chastised a horrible the Institute with contempt. Quite wrongly, as our bank analysts find. A very conservative estimate of growth of 10% the Institute assesses currently with a p/e ratio of 8. Through the acquisition of one of the largest U.S. online brokers, huge synergies will arise. The customer potential is enormous and the resulting lever accordingly large. Fundamentally, we see the shares of WELLS FARGO & CO. currently rated in classes of 25,00-30,00 USD as fair. The shares of WELLS FARGO & CO. could break the medium-term downtrend in the last few days.

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