Webinars On The Topic Of Reference Marketing

CKoenig Consulting offers information and Kompatkt the reference marketing webinars CKoenig consulting is the leading consultancy with extensive national and international expertise around the topic reference marketing. From the 14.06.2011 CKoenig Consulting offers a series of information webinars on the topic of reference marketing for the first time. Interested parties can book subsequently also compact webinars, which are offered in various modules. Larry Ellison is often quoted on this topic. The first information webinars provide an overview of the benefits of reference marketing and show the differences to the referral marketing. Also, the topic of reference activities is addressed in these webinars. The secondary compact webinars to extensive knowledge about the strategic structure of a reference customer program give the participants and indicate what it is at the various reference activities in detail and are right to be treated as specific requests from potential customers. The series of half-hour, free information webinars about reference marketing offer following content: -. Definition of reference marketing – referral marketing vs. reference marketing – reference activities – advantages of the reference marketing – benefits for customer references and sales be it 2 free information webinars offered on the 14.06.2011. Time: 11:00 and 15:00 link to the event at 11:00: link to the event at 15:00: the compact held subsequently Webinars offer extensive information about the participants: 1) reference activities in General (which there?, like recruits one the references for this?, rules & regulations for the respective reference activities reference request forms content relevance, timelines, etc., form and content of a case study), Social media promotion within the CRP, practice examples) 2) Building a reference customer program (which departments will be involved?, process and workflow, reference customer data and databases, practice examples, do BBs and dont BBs, CRP supporting marketing material, recruiting reference customers, ROI measurement, etc.)

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