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Occasionally, still still see any website that aims to sell products or services with a free hosting provider. This is wasting time. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. For a commercial website will have to have our own domain name and do not use a free hosting provider, since this will not be effective for several reasons: 1.-free hosting providers typically display advertising on the page, distracting our traffic, and relentizando our website. These ads can divert visitors to another website and make that not even have the opportunity to show our products. 2. Most are overloaded by users, and the transfer rate is regrettable.

Doing that visitors become weary of the slowness of loading and decide to leave to visit another page more agile. 3 The first impression that we cause to our surroundings to visitors is very important, and with these lodgings, it is difficult to give good image. Remember this: there is not a second chance to give the first impression. 4 We rely on a provider with the risk that this may disappear, vary its policy, etc. This would change the vendor and name losing so many customers, links pointing to our web visitors that have us in their favorites, etc 5.-will be much easier for customers to remember their own domain to one of the ISP, or a free provider such as Angelfire.

For example: against: 6.-taking our own domain name we will have greater credibility as a company. These 6 reasons are more than enough to make it clear that a domain name is essential to launch a web site. * Albert Pastor is author of the book keys to success for online business and director of tricks, ideas, strategies for business on-line. It is also editor of the techniques Web Marketing newsletter you can subscribe for free by sending an e-mail a: and you will immediately receive a special publication of welcome.

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