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Here we can observe from where our visitors come. This fact is very interesting, since we can control the search engines and sites that reported us more visits, also we can see which keywords have been used to find us from the search engines. This fact shows us the hours in which we have more traffic and which less. We can draw conclusions from we visit more from office hours, or from home. Here you can discover various data about the configuration of the computer of the visitor, as the version of the browser, operating system, monitor resolution, depth, colors, etc. These data are useful from the point of view of design.

I found interesting that only 4% of visitors had the resolution to 640 x 480 pixels and only 6% had the setting to 256 colors. This data informs us of the origin of visitors by country, so if we have many visitors from one country in particular, we can include some country-specific content. Obviously there is more data that we can offer the a web statistics, but these are the most common and most used. There are many websites that offer these statistics in a way totally free. We will compare several of them in a future article. It can only say that they are not all advantages, since some of the websites which offer free services require us to have a small banner on each page, causing the distraction of our visitors (of course that we can delete this banner for a fee) and on the other hand, delayed the speed of page loading, especially if we show a banner. By Albert Pastor Albert Shepherd is author of the book keys to success for online business and director of tricks, ideas and strategies for Online business. He is also editor of the techniques Web Marketing newsletter which you can subscribe for free original author and source of the article

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