Water Heating

Experts believe that billions of dollars of subsidies for housing and utilities tens (if not hundreds) of billions of rubles fly the skies with the lost heat. It is unlikely that you will agree that the heating system in your House also worked effectively. But a good heating system is also not cheap. We'll show you what it depends on the quality of water heating system and how you can reduce the cost of her reliability in terms of comfort home can be figuratively expressed thus: 'To be warm and not through'. The first of these to perform easier.

You just have to put a more powerful heat source and increase the number of appliances. With a second – it is more difficult. Feeling drafts arises not only from a jet of cold air passing through the leakage of windows and doors, but also from a person with heat cold and warm surfaces in the room. Therefore, the comfort of home is influenced not so much a well-heated radiators, as their location relative to the windows along the perimeter of rooms, height of walls, on flights of stairs. Remember: if the surface temperature of the radiator above 65 C, then you are breathing harmful decomposition products organic dust. So often wipe the dust and moisturize the air in the room. By creating a heating your hands, start with the project. Full house design with all engineering systems in the suburbs costs $ 15-30 per 1 m2 of the total area.

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