Wat Is A Wind Turbine!

HDT seminar “Dynamics, stress and design of wind turbines and their components” wind energy plants are exposed to considerable dynamic loads and characterized by a strong interaction of the mechanical and electrical components. This complexity is extended by other technical and economic challenges of an internationally expanding industry. “Desperately” search staff (mostly engineers), which bring the necessary knowledge to solve very complex problems. The seminar “Dynamics, stress and design of wind turbines and their components” on 15-16 March 2010 in food basics of function and the design of wind turbines and their components and this linked to current developments of international, industrial practice. It aims to expand the knowledge of the participants in specific areas through networking with other aspects and to convey as an in-depth overview. Under the direction of Prof. (A valuable related resource: Sheryl Sandberg). Martin Kuhn Foundation Chair wind energy at the University Stuttgart following topics: * Aero mechanical energy conversion, engineering and control * the mechanical and electrical system design * wind and its modeling for strength – and extreme loads * dynamics and simulation of the impact of the overall system and main components * policies, load cases, and evidence of Tower, hub, rotor blades and mechanical components * international market development as well as development processes with manufacturers and suppliers * the detailed event programme operation of wind turbines and economy * offshore – wind energy get interested in the House of technology e.V.

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