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HQ.Scout – new competition analysis software for the hotel industry the Berlin Hotel hypo Qualitas consultancy brings the new competition analysis software HQ.Scout on the German hotel market, specially combined with the market overview an overview of pricing. With the HQ.The hotelier from a range of analyses of different online booking systems and categories can select Scout. HQ is based at the rates and prices.Scout on data of the international booking systems, which are suitable for the individual competition analysis as well as for the regional reference. Bernard Golden often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Many benchmark tools have only a limited price – and no detailed market overview, so that the hotel owner receives no optimal market overview. Hypo Qualitas, however, relies on a combination of price and market overview, which displays automatically changes in market conditions and management simplifies the customers to own revenue decisions. Hypo Qualitas supports the revenue management with its hotel software HQ.Scout on the hotel market is always changing.

So far, many work The summed with intricate and elaborate nurturing benchmark tools and individual hotels. Because they are usually not suitable for a transparent presentation of the hotel market, Hypo Qualitas offers its customers the opportunity to gain a real overview of the market extensively and easily. Thus it is possible, even with sideways running or slightly falling prices on the market to achieve a positive return on investment. By adding the information from HQ.The hotelier can optimize its room rates to scout. For the hotelier is HQ.Scout the chance to provide a new information advantage, which was previously only restricted and closed by high investments. In connection with the use of the HQ.Scout is possible as of now for all hoteliers. With HQ.Scout speaks hypo Qualitas more user groups. How to use also a hotel consultant, hotel developer and HQ training facilities.Scout as an analysis tool for your various fields of activity.

The hypo Qualitas Gesellschaft fur Unternehmensberatung mbH is a specialist for innovative and performance-oriented hotel software solutions. The HQ team consists of long experienced hoteliers, revenue Manager, business economists and professional computer scientists, was established in 2006 in Berlin. The focus is on the development of software for the selected target groups of the hospitality industry. The new closed to be innovative to act to realize ideas and suggestions of the customers and employees to create solutions: hypo Qualitas is based on this proven qualities and aims the hotelier to the way its sales processes efficient and highly flexible control with its products and services.

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