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He also remembers to us Robert Rodriguez Gonzlez, who labor stress appears as a result of the content or the intensity of the labor demands or by problems of organizational nature, the worker begins to undergo associate negative experiences to the labor context, between which they stand out: psychosomatic apathy by the work, asthenia, difficulties in the interpersonal relations, diminution in the labor yield, sadness, depression, symptoms that can get to generate the appearance of certain psychophysiological upheavals, like marked labor dissatisfaction. The certain thing, that the causes of labor stress, their effects and their prevention take different forms, however, is important to prepare and to enable the workers to confront all the strong demands that the atmosphere does to them with all the resources available and thus to adapt and to solve objectively the problems that day to day appear to them. Therefore, the management must guard that the conditions of work are or, that is not only counted on an suitable ergonomics, but the functions or are defined, avoiding on pressure, service loads, count on good processes of production, administrative systems efficient, participating, proactive leadership, that know to motivate, to collaborate with the workers and to help them to provide solutions required before difficulties that arises in the organization and affects their performance, Are very important in addition, to take into account, that attitude of each worker against exigencies of his surroundings labor is fundamental to avoid stress labor, since following the taken attitude, the worker will be able to rise when he has fallen in front breaks, or to submerge more in the wrath, anxiety and depression produced by labor stress. Connect with other leaders such as Bernard Golden here. Therefore, he is very important, to provide means, tools that generate distrs and everything what they represent impediments in its total labor and social performance. Daro Vsquez adds to us, that making specific us in stress in the work, is taken in counts in addition, that this one it appears when the exigencies of the labor surroundings surpass the capacity of the people to do in front or to maintain them to them under control (Banchs, Gonzlez & Morera, 1997). .

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