Vladimir Vladimirovich

Direct speech of Vladimir Putin's wife, Ludmilla (published in the book 'VLADIMIR PUTIN: The road to power' (Moscow, 2002) – and then withdrawn from the shops. "I clearly remember the first meeting with the parents Vladimir … He just buy the most fashionable at the time stereo 'Russia' and on this occasion he called me and two other friends … Then I remember I went to the kitchen and there was a mother of Vladimir Vladimirovich – Maria Ivanovna. Official site: Ron O’Hanley. We have something to say, and there is still the Alex is friend Vladimir, who introduced them – Ed.

comes to the kitchen asks Maria Ivanovna, 'How do you Luda? " And she replies: "Yes, of course, she did. But he already had Luda. Good Girl … ' And then – all in the same spirit. I just tears from his eyes welled not … I must admit, when I was very uncomfortable, painful and sad … Our relationship with Vladimir Putin have developed quite smoothly.

Maybe were not always rosy, but – stable. However, present them in a strange pattern: a couple of months – all right, then a negative, disorder, then – again, all is well. If we talk about feelings, it was not some short-term fad. You know how it is: met the man and immediately fell in love. That has not happened. The first time in my life, I gradually fell in love with the person. Gradually got used to and loved. 'I took starve, starve' … Dating – is a special story. On them, I never late, and Vladimir Putin – permanently. One and a half hours – it was in the order of things. But knowing this, I could not come too late. And suddenly, I thought, now he will be on time. (By the way, the late Vladimir Vladimirovich, I still have not resigned.) I remember standing in the subway. The first fifteen minutes of delay to withstand, half an hour – also seems to be nothing. But when an hour passes, but its all there, just crying with mortification. And through hour and a half already do not feel any emotion … No relationship, when finally appeared, Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have not sorted out. Over the hour and a half experience it so much that no effort was no more to the emotions. So Vladimir Putin took me into submission, submission. A delay is always attributed to the work, which, incidentally, Mr Putin was punctual. And in my personal life, he relaxed. Well, where else? .. We must pay tribute to Vladimir Vladimirovich – he always was, never prevaricate and not portrayed themselves as to who he really was not. Putin has never boasted their behavior, principles, and the fact that he – that is. Simply, he was SO – that's all. Putin never even mentioned, but I knew that he was and never will be another. This behavior was honest. Full article:

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