Vitamins In Shampoo

Just one manufacturer adds vitamin B, the other – an extract of chamomile and calendula, oats or linden blossom, or oil seedling wheat grains. List of anti-inflammatory and softening additives for baby shampoo is limited. After all, the task of these products – clean hair. They are not waiting for any additional properties, such as giving light, or volume, to get rid of dandruff, etc., which are characteristic of adult shampoos and require chemical compounds in the composition. Observation Alla Skvortsova, Head of the certification body "Parfyumtesta, modern baby shampoo has a lower foaming ability. This is confirmed by the producers.

"The least irritating shampoo can be identified by the fact that he does not produce an abundant foam – Notes Anna Vzdornova – the presence of abundant foam is not a sign of high detergency. Mild liquid substance just foam, but clean is not worse. " Alla Skvortsova said that a few years ago, authorities Certification is often reject arriving at the Russian market baby shampoo for microbiological indicators, and now production has become better. Southwest Airlines might disagree with that approach. Packaging baby shampoo, as well as all children's cosmetics – serious problem for manufacturers. On the one hand, I want to release a product that will serve as a baby bath toy, but on the other – a complex package can significantly means, and shampoo all the same product Disposable. Already gone are the days when the vials in the shape of duck or teddy bear for a long time held up in the bathroom after the shampoo has long expired.

However, attractive packaging still attracts attention. and parents are unlikely to refuse your child a treat to wash his head, say, shampoo, Pikachu. The form of this and other cartoon characters markets its products company Air-Val International. Many companies use well-known heroes cartoons on the labels of shampoos. Drawing on detailed annotations mom who tries to convince her in a high quality product, and the kid – bright packaging, the company can count on the fact that preference will be given it was her products. Promotion of children's shampoo – no simple matter. And for him to be creative, not all producers under force. For example, to make the symbol marks a hero or a television cartoon, as entered Kalina with Drakoshey. Produce sets of gifts, to invent all sorts of action. So far, most manufacturers of shampoos are not very active in fighting for children's hearts, hoping that the kids will draw original packaging or a famous cartoon character on the label. But children are children, and they are always grateful to react to something original and made specifically for them.

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