Vital Cycle

The biological changes follow what it is learned through the experiences lived deeply for each individual. When it is born, the human being passes for different phases and the only certainty that if have is that the interruption marked for the death will arrive for all. The cognitivo and chronological development will make the ticket of child for adolescent, of this phase for adult life e, finally, the man lives deeply its aging. This is the forecast for each considered context ' ' normal' ' , in what it refers to the biological-evolutiva order. When surprised for a terminal illness, the life of the human being can at any time be interrupted, and different of other stages where if it obtains to foresee some events basic, when ahead of the death, proven stories and/or facts do not exist scientifically after it. Stories concerning the experience of death for the man do not exist: the representation of this is not possible. The stories of experiences between the tickets for each cycle of the life, as of the child for the adolescent; of the adolescent for the adult and the adult for the aged one very they are known, but, of these stages for the experience of the death it continues inexplicable.

The present work tried to identify the perception of death from the constant transformations in the social environment, for intermediary of a description-cultural factor, elaborating its consistency in elapsing of the Vital Cycle of the human being and bringing the concretude of the death as an only interruption of the finitude human being. The process of loss and death it human being is something that cause fear, suffering, anguish and many times negation. However, to pass for these experiences is something indispensable for the development of any person, so that an adaptation to the social environment occurs, thus having a bigger matureness to deal with related situations.

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