Violin Concerto

The emergence of many diseases is often explained not by physical infirmity, and the peculiarities of human character, his outlook and attitude towards the surrounding reality. Intolerance, jealousy, hatred – is not only unpleasant personality traits, but also one of the major factors that deplete the rhythms that govern the work of healthy organs. That’s why gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as well as hypertension often suffer from people intolerant to the “wrong” behavior of others that are configured to them with hostility and oppose themselves to others. To avoid or recover from psychosomatic illnesses (so called ills caused by the influence of mind on the “physics”), you must first change our attitude to life, then to their problems and, finally, to become kinder and more tolerant of the shortcomings of others. The first step on this difficult path may be listening, but not each, and obeying the laws of harmony that prevails in nature.

Harmonious music brings not only comforting thought (which in our nervous age, however, are already extremely important), but the health of the body. Popularizer of music therapy Maria Fletcher has done extensive work on the synthesis of Curative effects on humans. Below I will give her advice. Chronic fatigue. From her healing music of Brahms, which is characterized by “a passionate desire for peace and inner harmony. ” The best recipes – the third part of the Third Symphony, one of the fourth, the Violin Concerto and, of course, “Hungarian Dances” (they will provide energy for a week, especially if you listen on Monday morning). Continue to learn more with: Facebook. Reduce the emotional stress. “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Mussorgsky have a calming effect. This suite of piano music reminiscent of a gallery diverse musical scenes and images. In some of them, as in mirror is sure to be reflected and the nature of who gets angry or annoyed. A theme of “Walk” could encourage him to forget the anger and relieve the tension. Getting rid of irritability and neuroses. In this case, help any music by Tchaikovsky, but special attention should be paid to the ballets, fantasy-overture to “Romeo and Juliet” Symphony “Winter Daydreams” and operas.

Salvation from migraines. Japanese doctors usually offer sufferers “Spring Song” Mendelssohn, “Humoresque” Dvorak “American in Paris” by Gershwin. Headache and takes plays “Polonaise” Oginsky and waltzes by Strauss. Normalization of sleep. Light falling asleep promote a variety of Works: Suite “Peter Gynt” by Grieg, “Meditation” by Massenet, “Barcarolle” Offenbach’s “Song Without Words” by Mendelssohn. Very good for getting rid of insomnia and the so-called New Age music – “New Century”, in the musical fabric which is woven birds singing, rain, the sound of the surf. Stabilization of the pressure. Blood pressure and cardiac function normalizes “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn, works by Debussy, Ravel, as well as classical Indian music. Creating a relaxing mood. He promotes the music of 17-18 centuries – Bach, Boccherini, Telemann, Vivaldi, Haydn and Handel. It stimulates the alpha – the wave – the rhythm of the brain associated with wakefulness, and simultaneous sense of calm.

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