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Tapetenwechsel.TV your partner for professionally produced real estate image films Dresden, 23.05.2012: video marketing is not a trend, but now in many companies established part of communications and advertising strategy. To place advertising messages, as video has become so successfully in many market segments. “” But a corporate film hatchet game draws that advertising and especially sales potential of from a video by far still not “, said Henry Schwabe, Managing Director of as a form of effective real estate marketing is the topic of video marketing for real estate now with many professional agents spread” stressed Schwabe. Now suggests using the visitors frequencies with important real estate agents that rely on real estate trailer or Immoclips, that video marketing is topic of tomorrow will have great success. The offer of thus represents a real innovation and can Dresden and video marketing with a focus on video production for Comprehensive points real estate. In-house performances industry experts were impressed then also always sustainable opportunities, cost savings and ultimately sustainable effect potential of a real estate trailer”explained Henry Schwabe, Managing Director of Service orientation, transparency and timely targeting – there are these three criteria, in particular, which convince not only the users of Immoclips, but also neutral market observers from the advantages of a real estate trailer for a real estate in Dresden.

This assessment is supported by the enormous inquiry and the often positive customer response”confirmed Schwabe. Tappetenwechsel.TV focuses with the offer of a professional video production Dresden so particularly on agencies in Dresden, which also promote a holistic presentation of a real estate. Because every real estate professional on-site strengthens its position with a professionally produced real estate trailer and can further consolidate its market share and all expand”sure is Schwabe. Supported by the positive response from it especially one arises for the Managing Director Henry Schwabe: “we know that we have developed a promising solution with The consistently positive feedback has confirmed us then particularly in our projects”.

A success story is already offering for real estate in Dresden because industry experts had long predicted the potential of real estate trailers. And with a focus on video production Dresden for real estate in the market has now occupies an important niche. At the same time, the industry with the theme of video marketing for real estate opens now also other user groups”Schwabe from Dresden video production added at the end. Description of the company: produces high-quality video clips that provide a realistic and comprehensive picture of a real estate. The advantages of a real estate of image film speak for themselves. A professional floor plan creation contributes to a significant improvement of service and customer-friendliness at and increases it on the other side at the same time the competitive edge over other real estate companies. Existing but also new target groups can be opened up by the contemporary speech.

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