To eliminate the vibration caused by uneven gap, should be taken to its alignment. Strong vibration motor start-up at idle indicates uneven gap or break at the bar in the rotor winding. If the gap is uniform, then cause vibrations only in rod breakage of the rotor. Vibration in this case is eliminated by repair of the rotor winding. If the vibration motor, disconnected from the mechanism, if the network connection is lost immediately, but decreases with the decrease in the number of revolutions, the cause of vibration in the unbalance of the rotor due to unbalance hub, bending or cracking of the shaft, shift the coil, the rotor of the separation barrel wall. In this case it is useful coupling and remove the motor to run without it. Normal operation of the motor indicates the imbalance hub.

Such a coupling half must be installed on the frame and protochit across the outer surface lathe. If after removing the hub vibration remains, the rotor must be removed and tested for defects in the shaft and the rotor mount on it the barrel. In the absence of defects in the rotor must be subjected to dynamic balancing on the machine. Static balancing of the rotor at odds in this case does not help, and so to produce it should not be. Increased clearances in bearings by themselves do not cause vibration.

If No other causes of vibration, even at large gaps the electric motor, especially at idle, will work fine. But if there were other causes of vibration, the magnitude of it with large gaps will be much higher than at permissible gaps. Therefore, if the motor is vibrating only under load and determine the cause of the vibration is not possible, you should take steps to reduce the clearance in the bearings by their perezalivki. Vibration motor because of defects in rolling element bearings is detected easily. Defective bearing is very noisy, hot. You should replace it and then continue out the cause of vibration, if she stayed. Coupling defects, which cause vibration, are hubs imbalance, misalignment of the holes in the half-coupling of more than 1 mm, the weight of inequality fingers uneven wear them or wear of soft goals to the extent that the fingers touch the steel half-coupling holes. All fingers should be weighed. If there is a difference in weight, then every two fingers with the same weight, set in the opposite hole hubs. All triggered the fingers should be restored by replacing rubber. Hub having a misalignment of the holes must also be replaced.

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