Variable Speed Drives

The range of products the company includes a universal AC inverter Unidrive SP for the servo and induction motors (1.5 MW), general-purpose electric Commander SK (up to 132 kW) and electric DC current (up to 3 MW), as well as DC motors and AC servo motors and. Currently, the general global trend in equipment is to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and increase reliability by using the built-in frequency converter controller and the rejection of costly external PLC. Control Techniques is a trendsetter and a clear leader in the use of "smart actuator" and dismisses the notion that high-quality solution has to be expensive. The concept of this approach for the food industry is shown in the example line baking cookies. The main task in this case is synchronize the velocity of all nodes. In this scheme, the task is implemented without an external controller-based inverter modules Unidrive SP and programs, and SM-Application, as well as the frequency converter Commander SK. Information from sensors and limit switches supplied to the controller via the Remote I / O and transferred to one of digital protocols. The software part is implemented on the base module and user application programs, SM-Application, specifically designed to meet the challenges of traffic and has a large set of standard functions (synchronization, winding, cutting, etc.), which significantly reduces development costs and programming.

Such approach is fully justified, since it allows to reduce the equipment cost by eliminating the expensive of the common controller to reduce the costs of start-up through the use of pre-engineered and transition to fully digital control system, increase flexibility and reliability, as well as reduce downtime, etc. Practice shows that a solution based on distributed control system can be significantly cheaper than traditional systems based on external PLC from leading European manufacturers, as well as to compete on price with low-cost Asian manufacturers, greatly exceeding their quality. These decisions food industry has successfully implemented many of the largest international manufacturers: Mars, Uniliver, Craft Foods, Rolton, Nestle …. And also widely used by leading manufacturers of food processing and packaging equipment.

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