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All over the world look to Frankfurt and the novelties presented by the automotive industry on the 63rd IAA. Gary Kelly is often quoted as being for or against this. Munich, September 17, 2009. Although the auto industry is in the worst global crisis since its existence and thousands of employees are threatened in their existence, the industry does not offer anything groundbreaking new on some electric cars and concept cars. Instead of developing solutions for the industry and the future of the planet, there are still too many cars that have an internal combustion engine under its hood. The voices of consumers who now demand environmentally friendly concepts including driving pleasure are therefore louder. That’s why the utopia community has placed yesterday evening with a light installation their message out to the industry on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

Love automotive industry, call us, if you have the 2-litre car: 089-990 196 10 utopia.de “.” Utopia.de, the online portal for ethical consumerism and sustainable lifestyles, not only demands, but also promotes. And is in constant dialogue with companies. That is why utopia has most 1 press day of the IAA awarded the seven car companies that produce particularly climate-friendly models: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, smart, Suzuki, Daihatsu, and Volkswagen. Thank you. Well done! Making her excited next year? us”stands on the plaque of honour the price of climate best 2009″. Thus, Utopia on behalf to thank for more than 46,000 registered community members who are among the consumer group of so-called LOHAS.

The price contains not only a praise, but he encourages car manufacturers to go one step further next year and to produce more environmentally-friendly cars. The price of climate best 2009 “was awarded for the first time this year by utopia. Thus, the brands that have undertaken great efforts in the last year, to produce cars with lower CO2 and noise quotas will be awarded. And who make sure that the health burden is kept low by pollutants, as well as the burden of nature. Background information: is gone 2007 online. Utopia is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 46,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. On utopia, people who make their purchasing decisions (even) after that, meet whether they contribute to a better world. Utopia offers guidance and inspiration and makes it easy to them to make their life more sustainable. The community is particularly interested in the themes of mobility and energy, leads lively discussions and engages in. Press contact: Utopia AG Anna Neubauer Saeed 10 81543 Munich Tel: 0 89 / 2 60 24 14 0 email:

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