Uta Hessbruggen

A well thought-out Imagery in appearance (by using logo, font, color, shapes, layout grid) raises not only the practice profile, it makes the practice for patients. Brand communication create awareness: brand communication has the task to transfer strategy and practice of design in a communications campaign that influential brands. A ceramic filling is silent. An implant does not speak for themselves. The practical measures must express what they have to say. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The practice is not the dental service. The practice is a communication service. Messages and their content must reach the recipient, ex-patients, patients and potential patients, and are understood by them.

“Brand processes employees are brand ambassadors: employees are the brand to be touched”. The best practice brand, the greatest positioning need not lead to success if the practice organization more than it brings. For even more analysis, hear from Robert Gibbins. “” “If the staff in the workflow” just work “have and little flow”. An efficient Practice organization does not appear on paper. She is a living process.

This needs from time to time new impetus, otherwise it is bacon. The the have we have always so made bacon. If an own brand culture takes the place of a general culture of practice, employees are the most important ambassadors of the brand. Profitable practice brand to build up a profitable practice brand is an art that comes from ambition and skill. This is not to create overnight. But it is to create. Marks occur over years, which constantly working on their image with continuity builds an emotional tie to the patients and they deeply embedded in his head and heart. Brands work makes added value. And at the beginning is always the will. Branding is a decision? Nemec + team healthcare communication has specialised years ago on the topic of branding in the dental practice. Over ten years of experience in the health care market are here coupled with the panoramic view of all areas of brand communication. These are creative and competent implementation Recipe for success, the at Nemec + team for the formation of regional brand has proven itself. Dr. Uta Hessbruggen

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