Useful To The Power Duty

The case of Flexstrom and why was still not a customer without power so you can save money by electricity price comparisons many of us have to tighten the belt. In daily life, there are many ways to save money. The easiest way is at home. Every year the same: energy costs are skyrocketing. There are many ways to save money for the power consumption. There a possibility with a current price comparison, and then switch to a cheaper electricity supplier.

As a result some euros savings every year. Electricity provider switching is a safe affair. By a comparison of the current price can choose the customer with a neutral electricity supplier search engine, a cheapest electricity suppliers from his environment. To the approximate annual power consumption must be specified in kilowatts, and you have the overview by this comparison, who preferred can deliver current. These electricity price comparisons are free and secure.

In recent times some electricity consumers have registered insolvency. But not a consumer must be at worry an electricity price comparison about a stop of its electricity supplies. The Berlin electricity discount Flexstrom has must apply for insolvency in April 2013. Also the subsidiaries of green electricity and dandelion were affected. The media have reported extensively on. These providers had fallen for many customers in disgrace. More than half a million customers were directly affected. But not a single electricity customer had to give up power from the wall outlet. Flexstrom had the business model, according to which the customers had to pay in advance. This may have been a Ponzi scheme and only worked if the company is still growing. This business model was probably doomed Flexstrom. Many customers were simply interfere with payments in arrears. Unfortunately the money is not paid back probably in retrospect a electricity price comparison you should pay attention to every case, that payments are required in advance. Fortunately, the local supplier here jumped up. But with higher rates. No customer is running Danger that the juice when it is shut off at home. The power duty is guaranteed at each electricity supplier Exchange. Harald Sagar

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