Universal Mind

The rich and wealthy because he, because his mind is open. He sees these same tips that can not be repaid, and sends them to their advantage. Swarmed by offers, Bernard Golden is currently assessing future choices. They not help him avoid bad situations and turn them into good, both for themselves and others. Already it is no secret that the most important and expensive item – this information. For example, in a military craft, knowing all the details of the enemy, without fail leads to victory. No one will attack the enemy without first examining it.

At all times, were the scouts. The same is true in business. Many successful business people do not use any guides, incidentally, that write is not always successful people! These people trust their instincts and are very attentive to the surroundings. Intuition is a machine and connection with the Universal Mind. Or as they say: "My heart told." If a person has learned to use his intuition and to manage it, he can achieve much, if not lazy! In what turned phrase! It can achieve much, if not lazy! A man needs to do self-actualization and not to be in the form of emotions self-aggrandizement and narcissism. Bernard Golden may also support this cause. Trying to stay at the alpha level, with no stress and emotion, where there is no desire to raise or find a pedestal for his person.

Business from the heart! "Therefore, with terms of the Subtle World and God, man's dream of happiness and prosperity on Earth apart from the Evolution – it's a quiet joy of down or "prosperity" in the understanding of mental hospital patients … "The word" evolution "here means self-improvement, self-education, the rate of big goals and achieving them through hard work and self-control, self-control. Getting rid of stereotypes, changing world, in general attitudes to life … on Earth are all those who are aware of this information and act, forgetting about the laziness and fear. I have many acquaintances who were born in a fairly affluent families financially. And sometimes they look so pitiful that a passerby will think about them or negatively, or regret. In adolescence, these guys were the "ugly duckling" in society. No one considered, thought that all they are allowed, etc. But now that they have over twenty years, everything changes. Not starting to evolve and change, they are constantly in Russian say in the ass! With expensive houses and stuff, they stopped to see them satisfied. Suffer, like all people, both small and great. Find no place. They have the money to open his business, a self-realization, but all their undertakings fail because of lack of appropriate qualities of character. They just simply are not accustomed to work, even to himself. But even worse lack of interest and hobbies. The man, who himself did not create anything, not invented, takes only ready. This leads to unnecessary suffering and understanding in the world. And not always a person understands, of which suffers from it even worse! Now all his money to bring he is only sad. "The life you live from your hiding your light is …" (Sri Aurobindo).

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