Universal Economist

Who is rich, glorie in the wealth it uses and it to extend the goods of the society that must be firmed in the daily work. GOD goes to ask for to accounts to all the Human beings. The way as it used the received goods will be charged. The poor person if glorie in the poverty without complaining against the others, therefore GOD gave to strong arms and intelligence to it to alar higher flights and to also arrive at an honored life. GOD, the Universal Economist, very knows well to divide its gifts. The danger them wealth Jesus, looking in them the look, said to them: That is impossible to the men, but for God everything is possible.

Evangelho de JESUS According to Mateus, CAP. 19:26. If it has danger in the wealth, In the poverty also has, Because one or another one cannot save nobody. If a rich one is difficult To inherit the kingdom of skies, For the poor person also is When it does not have Faith. All the ways Help the Man to grow, However the two roads Have perigos pra to be valid.

Wealth and poverty Are inside of the Being, Always helping In its to develop. The rich one, is not rich, If it has richness in the land, poor person, is not poor, Because she was born without it. Everything we cultivate In our interior, and wealth and poverty, Are manifestations of Love. Currently a camel, Passes for the deep one of a needle, Is alone to discover with desvelo the secret of fagulha.

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